Safety at the Tri-State Fair

The Tri-State fair attracts thousands of people from our area.

Kids and even some older folks wait all summer to be able ride the ferris wheel and go on all of the rides at the Tri-State Fair.

But how safe are these rides?

Operations Manager of Crab Tree Amusements Brandon Kibby says, "every day we do a pre opening inspection of all the rides to make sure that there's nothing wrong, and to correct any issues that may have occurred over night or just during the inspection."

He says the safety of everyone who goes on any rides is their number 1 priority.

And though height requirements can sometimes upset a kid and even their parents, the rules are in place for a reason.

"It is important to follow the directions of the operator and listen to anything that they have to say so that everybody there can have a good time and still be safe doing it," says Kibby.

Rides aside, local law enforcement are on high alert all throughout the fair.

Potter County Sherrif's office tells us they are all over fairgrounds day and night, and they are prepared for anything when the sun goes down.
Sgt. B.J. Chester days, "we have a lot more officers at night stationed throughout the fairgrounds so we have a lotmore coverage at night to be able to see anything going on that might become or is a problem."

The goal for both Sergeant Chester and Mr. Kibby is for everyone to enjoy the games, the food, the prizes, and the community, but do it safely.

Chester days, "if you wanna come have a good time and eat good food and ride the rides, come out and have fun.  If you don't want to come out and have fun and you want to come out and cause problems, this is not the place to be."

He says they also have law enforcement at every gate looking for suspicious activity such as sobriety, and even dress code.

Sergeant Chester tells us every year at the fair, they have little ones get away from their parents or guardians.

When this happens, they even radio in fire presonnel to double the man power until the little boy or girl is found.

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