Safe Driving in Amarillo

Some Amarillo drivers are getting recognized for good driving, at least according to the annual Allstate America's Best Drivers Report.

That report says Amarillo ranked 34th safest among America's 200 largest cities.

According to Amarillo Police, from 2011-2012 there were more than 11,000 accidents in our area..

The report released today calculates accidents by drivers between those two years.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld says, "you know, our numbers have gone down from several years ago, but we are seeing a little bit of an increase in the last year.  

He says most of the accidents here in town are speed related, and calls about vehicle accidents can at times be frequent, but in regards to this report, he says it's tough to tell how other departments gather their statistics, especially larger cities.

Dorissa Vanover says, "to me it seems like we've been having more accidents and hearing of more accidents than we used to."

We caught up with some local drivers who also question the report.

Jamie Craig says, " it seems almost seconds that there's been some kind of accident, be it just a fender binder,  you know, tragically sometime fatalities."

From 2011 until last year, we had 67 fatal accidents in our area.

Agree with the survey or not, Neufeld says, one thing is clear.

"We can always do better. Regardless of what this says and what people think you know, our drivers are safe or our drivers are not safe, we can always do better."

Jamie craig says, "not only are you having to be concerned about your safety, and what you're doing, but also the people beside you, in front of you, behind you."

According to that report, the average Amarillo driver willl experience an auto collision almost every 11 years.

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