Saddle Brook Jockey Club's Future

- AMARILLO -- One of Amarillo's best kept secrets is still open for business but for how long?

        The Saddle Brook Jockey Club's temporary license expires later this year.

        The Texas Racing Commission granted the temporary license two years ago, allowing Saddle Brook to operate an off-track simulcasting facility.  But, it's contingent on the construction of an actual horse racing facility.

        The Jockey Club proudly announces they've paid-out more than $4 million since opening in December of 2012.

        But, the owner says that's not enough to support horse racing alone.  So, building a facility for live racing only would be cost prohibitive.

        Jockey Club manager Steve Mancine says other forms of gaming at the track would be necessary for the track to move forward.

        "Negotiations are going on behind the scenes with the racing commission.  I'm confident that will be taken care of.  This is an opportunity not only for the business but also for the community to have a  top of the line racing and gaming facility."  Mancine said.

        Mancine recently moved to Amarillo from Maine.  He says he didn't move here to close down the Jockey Club and is confident they'll receive an extension.

        If they do get an extension, it would only be for another two years.

        What would have to happen is, the state legislature would have to pass a measure allowing other forms of gambling at race tracks across the state.  Something the industry has been trying now for decades but, have consistently failed.

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