Ropin' and Ridin': Devin McGuire Does Both

Devin McGuire says, "Steer and junior roping."

Fourteen year old, Devin McGuire has called boys ranch a home for four and a half years.

Devin says, "Me and my mom thought it would be the best place for me. We weren't in a good situation at the time."

Cal Farley's Boys Ranch gives kids a positive environment to excel in life, and in Devin's case, a chance to pursue his talents in and out of the arena.

Devin says, "Get to enjoy the opportunities that we have and we get stuff that kids don't get. I play football, basketball and track."

Cal Farley always knew that finding positive ways for kids to pursue adventure and accomplish great things was the key to turning their lives around. The Boys Ranch Rodeo offers the perfect arena for kids showcase what they've learned while at Boys Ranch. Kids who, a few years earlier might have looked for excitement in ways that might get them in trouble, are now finding success through competition and teamwork.

Each Labor Day weekend, kids at Boys Ranch play host to thousands of visitors and entertain them with with their newly-honed talents in the arena. 
At this year's annual Boys Ranch Rodeo, Devin chose junior roping because he thought he'd be good at it.

He's also giving steer riding a-go. 

Devin says, "I didn't think I wanted to do steers, but I think it's pretty fun."

Devin prepares for the ride by making sure he has all the right equipment.

Devin says, "Try to ride for 8 seconds. Guess gotta have equipment like a vest and a helmet an you gotta get your rope ready tie it on your hand and put it around the steer. They let you out when you're ready."

At the end of the day he's hoping his talents pay off.

Devin says, "I'm trying to compete in Junior All Around because I'm in steers and roping. I'm in two events so I can win it if I place in both.

Boys Ranch Rodeo +adventureFEST
Labor Day Weekend
Saturday and Sunday
Aug. 30-Aug. 31, 2014

adventureFEST kicks off at 10 a.m.
BBQ lunch noon - 2 p.m.
Rodeo action at 2:30

FUN for the WHOLE Family!
Tickets just $10 and includes adventureFEST, BBQ lunch and rodeo action. 
Children under 6 are free.

Call (800) 687-3722 TODAY for your tickets or stop by the offices located at 
600 SW 11th Ave. in Amarillo, Texas

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