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When kids choose to make Cal Farley's Boys Ranch their home, it might be the first time they experience a family environment and structure. Eleven year old Savannah came to Boys Ranch a year ago because she was having issues in her home.

Savannah Podhajsky says, "It was kinda my parents' decision."

During her time at the ranch she's made friends and taken to the sport of rodeo.The sport gives Savannah a chance to get involved in the action while helping her grow as a leader-- precisely the reason Cal Farley started the rodeo 70 years ago.

Savannah says, "I like being around the horses and learn how to be with horses more."

This year Savannah's competing in barrel and poles, and helping her fellow competitors out by being a part clown act.

Savannah says, "We're doing the calves this year because the bulls aren't going to do it this year because they're too dangerous. That they can run you over and everything."

Savannah's not concerned about danger-- running to the rescue is her main focus. 

Savannah says, "What we do, the riders fall off and then the bull fighters come out and they're the target for the calf then so he doesn't go over there and stop on the rider."

Though her outfit may be part of the clown act, it also serves as protection.

Savannah says, "I have baggies on right here. I have suspenders to hold it up here, and then I have this Cal Farley's shirt on and I have shorts on under the baggies."

When she's not in the arena, Savannah's doing what kids like to do.

Savannah says, "I like to play outside in the playground and everything."

Savannah says she loves all she gets to do at the ranch in fact, choosing a favorite part is just too difficult.

Savannah says, "I can't chose which one."

Boys Ranch Rodeo +adventureFEST
Labor Day Weekend
Saturday and Sunday
Aug. 30-Aug. 31, 2014

adventureFEST kicks off at 10 a.m.
BBQ lunch noon - 2 p.m.
Rodeo action at 2:30

FUN for the WHOLE Family!
Tickets just $10 and includes adventureFEST, BBQ lunch and rodeo action. 
Children under 6 are free.

Call (800) 687-3722 TODAY for your tickets or stop by the offices located at 
600 SW 11th Ave. in Amarillo, Texas

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