Rodeo Community Supports Benson Brothers

Twelve year old Dalton Benson's inspiration to ride bulls comes from his dad. "I've won the JRCA, Junior Rodeo Cowboys Association several times bull riding."

You can say the sport of rodeo runs through the Benson family's blood, because Dalton's 9 year old brother is following in his footsteps. "I first started off with sheep, and then after sheep I went to bulls."

Bull riding isn't the only thing that the Benson brothers have in common. They share the same brain malformation diagnosis called Chiari disease.

"Headaches, you get real dizzy, just kind of hard to focus. It makes you really tired," explains Dalton. 

"Your head starts hurting a lot," state Colton. 

"Colton just got diagnosed with Chiari two weeks ago, so he'll be under going surgery," says Jaclyn Benson, mother of the two boys.  She admits, they are truly miracles.

"My boys are very special to me. God's worked many miracles in their lives and I've seen them at their worst when they're really sick, and you see God perform a miracle and let them walk again," Jaclyn explains. 

Dalton had surgery to improve his condition. Unexpectedly, he had surgery for the second time this year after he broke his back jumping on a trampoline.

"It has led to some other problems with the spine being out of align and it fractured easily. In December he was in the hospital for 15 days. He had back surgery and he couldn't walk before he has surgery," explains Jaclyn. 

To help the Bensons, the area's rodeo community is hosting a special bull riding event to raise funds for the family..

"We raise money for those kids to grant wishes for those kids that might not get to have the life that a child without a disease gets to have. It's kind of a way to get awareness out there for these diseases you don't hear about. Just to let them know they've got somebody on their side and they want to be apart of their life and just be there," explains Twist a Wish Director, Rachelle Rice. 

The pastor of Cowkids for Christ started the organization to give kids a positive influence in their lives by ministering and discipling kids at rodeo's, bull ridings, barrel races and calf ropings, in hopes that they share the guidance with others.

"Cowkids for Christ, Twist a Wish and Claredon College are all sponsoring this event to help raise money and just to show this family that we love them that's having a hard time," explains Cowkids for Christ pastor, Buzz Busby. 

Much like getting back on the bull after a tough eight second ride, the Benson boys are taking their experience out of the arena and not letting anything hold them back from doing what they love. 

"I couldn't have done it without the Cowkids for Christ., Twist a Wish, Claredon College, and my friends and family," Dalton says. 

Jaclyn says, "They're all guarding angels that God has sent to us and that's how I get up and go each day, and make it through all of this and you know people like them and I really really appreciate them."

Cowkids for Christ/Twist a Wish 
Dalton Benson Benefit Bull Riding Extravaganza 
- Saturday
- Clarendon College
- 2 p.m.
- (806) 670-4609

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