Restoring Memories of a Champion

It was night of remembering a local champion. 

Sprint Car Racer and former body shop owner Kenny Stidd's home was spared by the wildfire that swept through parts of Hutchinson County in May, but his shop full of memories wasn't as lucky.

Many trophies Stidd has won over the years and racing memorabilia were lost in the blaze, but last night at the tracks hundreds came out to put those memories front and center. 

The bleachers were full of screaming fans as friends and fellow racers presented Stidd with articles and pictures of him that he lost in the fire.

Fans came from as far as Florida to see the champion racer of the 60's and 70's receive what he lost just a couple of months ago.

One friend tells us some memories may have burned in the fire, but it's hard to forget a guy like Kenny Stidd.

Pete Elkins says, "we also presented him with a trophy last night just to let him know that we're still thinking about him. A lot of people lost their homes and a lot of stuff in their lives  and this is just one thing the racing community can do to replace some of those memories."

He tells us a popular saying in the sport of car racing is, race hard by night, and it's all about friendship the next day.

Kenny Stidd has won several awards and championships before retiring in 1979.

1959 through 1961 he was the junker champion.

In 1968 he was the mid season and season champ in Amarillo and Lubbock.

Those are just a few out of several leading up to his retirement.

They have started rebuilding Stidd's shop in Fritch.

The big banner you may have seen in the video was presented to him signed by many friends and fans.

Elkins tells us it will be hung in his new shop just as soon as it's done.

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