Rep. Thornberry, Symantec and National White Collar Crime Center Team up to fight Cyber Crime

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Millions of people each year fall victim to cyber crime.

And now, Congressman Mac Thornberry is teaming up with Symantec and the National White Collar Crime Center to help put an end to it.

There is a new website called "VictimVoice.Org." and Congressman Thornberry says it's designed to put everything you need to know about cyber crime in one place.

From how to avoid becoming a victim or to what to do if unfortunately, you have become a victim.

Cybercrimes can range from identity theft to online check and credit card fraud.

Congressman Thornberry says cybercrime costs people billions of dollars a year.

He says it not only hurts people out of pocket but it also can put them in danger.

It's important to keep your computer's virus protection current and to have a strong password.

The website was launched just this week.

Congressman Thornberry says he hopes people will take advantage of it.

So it can help put an end to one of the most committed crimes in society today.

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