Red Cross Disaster Operations Center

AMARILLO -- The commands and direction given to American Red Cross volunteers in Fritch are coming from the Disaster-Operations-Center at the Texas Panhandle Chapter location.

From the D-O-C, the workers are sending the trucks to where help is needed. The main focus will be aiding people returning to their homes.

Ruthie Umberger, the North Texas Region Major Gifts Officer, told us that they will need more volunteer help in the next few days.

"Once we're allowed into the area a little bit more, we'll be figuring out how that looks, and so hopefully this weekend we have a big outpouring of volunteer support to help those people get in there and clean through things and get back on the road to recovery," said Umberger.

This recovery effort now has about 60 volunteers, and another 20 are expected to be arriving Wednesday evening. The majority of those people are from the Texas Panhandle, while several are from around the region. 

One volunteer we talked to is going on 19 days of helping, arriving here after working on the April Arkansas Tornado recovery.

Wayne Jeffreys, an emergency response vehicle driver, loaded up his truck on sunday and drove here. He'll bring the clean up items to the damage sites, like shovels, buckets, rakes and tarps.

"They'll make the decision once we get there, whether we're going to actually drive around in the community or actually do a fixed-site, what we call, we just set up then have the people come to us," said Jeffreys.

The donations the Red Cross has received range from 10 to 20 dollar gifts all the way up to major gifts from community organizations.

The Red Cross is still taking monetary donations, but if you would like to volunteer, you can call the Panhandle Chapter at (806) 376-6309 or go to their website.

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