Recent Snow Reduces Wildfire Threat For Now


Recent snow may have been a nuisance on the roadways, but it could keep us safe this spring.

"The overall impact from it, from a fire danger perspective has been pretty good," Todd Lindley with the National Weather Service said. 

According to Lindley, we're still about half an inch below our normal precipitation at this time, and the recent snows will only reduce our wildfire threat for a few weeks.

Additionally, rains last year helped grasses to grow, making our wildfire threat greater now.

"We definitely need more moisture. If we do not continue to see these intermittent moisture events about everyone to two weeks, we'll probably end up with somewhat of an elevated, ambient fire danger across the area, certainly by mid March to April," Lindley said.

Lindley says April is the most active month for Wildfires in West Texas, and although this year may be worse than 2013, it shouldn't be as bad as the historic wildfire season of 2011.

As for the agriculture industry, they're hoping for a lot more moisture this in the coming months.

"Any precipitation is a blessing, especially you know, as we've been in a drought for several years. Unfortunately, this is not enough to break the drought conditions. We ended 2013 below average, and so we're really going to need a lot more beneficial precipitation as we move through the spring," Jourdan Bell, an Agronomist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension said. 

A need for spring moisture all around, as the Panhandle drought continues.

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