Recent Rains Helping Lake Meredith


LAKE MEREDITH -- Due to the rain over the last few weeks, drought levels across the high plains are improving.

That is according to the national weather service

In fact, Amarillo alone received close to two and half inches in just one week.

Recent rain is definitely making the panhandle greener but what effect has it had on Lake Meredith?

A channel that actually flows into the lake has been flowing at its highest flow rate in years for about a week now.

Officials with the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority say the lake has risen three feet in just the past few weeks.

It is now at right around 36 feet, but according to CRMWA the lake is not done.

At 36 feet, the lake is now at a level where it could be pumped again for surrounding cities and towns.

However due to the drought, the quality of the water has diminished greatly, that is according to Chad Pernell.

If cities would like to pump from the lake, Purnell says they would need a more vigorous purifying system.

Lake Meredith reached its lowest level last summer registering a little more than 26 feet in August.

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