Recent Rains Boost Water Supply


Recent rain means good things for the city's water supply.

"What we've seen this week is heaven for water conservation," Emmett Autrey, Director of Utilities for the City of Amarillo said.

Water use was nearly cut in half several days last week.

The city has agoal of 68 million gallons per day, and after the rain, daily water use was coming in as low as 35 million gallons per day.

"That's more like the usage you would see in February ,so that's a very good things to see," Autrey said.

The city's rule is, when it rains, they turn off the sprinkler system.

Autrey says, not only are they conserving water, they're reducing wear and tear on equipment.

"It gives our system a rest, it gives all of our pumps and motors and our treatment system and everything a bit of a rest and the wells, the aquifer can catch up a little bit," Autrey said.

And catching up during the month of July is always welcome.

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