Reading On The Go With The Amarillo Library

- AMARILLO -- There was a time when your trip to the library involved finding a subject for a book report, or looking through old newspapers.

Of course, those services are still around, but there is even more to gain from walking through the library doors.

It takes almost no time these days to download the latest thriller novel or fantasy tome to your tablet, e-reader, or phone.

The Amarillo Public Library is not behind the times, offering services that have helped to increase the number of visitors.

"We have had people come back to the library who have not had a library card in years, come back and get a library card because one of the services we offer is the ability to download e-books to your e-reader or your phone or computer,” said Stacy Clopton Yates, the Public Relations Coordinator for the Amarillo Public Library.

This is not new to the library,  it's been around for a number of years now.

You can also read e-magazines and learn a new language from the library's website.

The older services like computer and internet access are still just as reliable, and bring many people in each day.

Louise Murray has been using those conveniences to work on recording her family tree. She also says that the staff has been quite helpful.

"All the people, they're just so nice, and I take the Geneaology classes which I'm learning a lot that I didn't know, you know, to start with,” said Murray.

If you prefer to hold the copies in your hands, you can always use the library's website to reserve the book of your choice.

You can find out about all of the services offered by the Amarillo Public Library by clicking here.

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