Public Hearing Over Water Contingency Plan

City officials are planning to take action against the ongoing drought, by hosting a public hearing, April 29.

We are in the middle of a five year drought, and the need to conserve water is nothing new in our area.

Under the current drought contingency plan in stage 1, we have to exceed 80% capacity for five days in a row.

That's 80% of 105.4 million gallons per day.

Director of Utilities for the city Emmett Autrey says their goal of tomorrow's public hearing is to bring that number down to 70%.

He tells us, "We believe that it will make a significant difference in days wer are in stage 1, especially and possibly even days in stage due..depending on what kind of summer we have.  "

Autrey says last year we never had a restriction.
We only exceeded 80% one day, in July.

He says 2011 was by far the worst year of the current drought.

As we reported last week, city officials say thanks to previous administrations buying up water rights, the city has enough water to last 200 years.

The public hearing will be at City Hall tomorrow afternoon at 1:30.

Officials will discuss the drought contingency plan and some proposed updates.

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