Protecting Your Home From Winter

AMARILLO -- The frigid weather will be hanging on for a few days now, and the extended period of cold conditions can take a toll on your house.

We always talk about bringing in your plants and pets from temperatures below freezing, but what can you do to protect your water pipes from the single digits?

Looking outside your home, if you have water hoses, you need to disconnect them, to keep any water inside from freezing all the way back to faucet. 

Protecting your indoor pipes is pretty simple. Jeff Shreiner of 1-800-Plumbing told us "as far as inside the house, if you have an outside wall with a sink or something, open the cabinet doors to let a little heat in there, it doesn't take much."

If you have a washer on an external wall, check to make sure your drain traps do not freeze.

Of course, you want to make sure your heater lasts all the way until spring, so make sure to have it furnished if you haven't already, and changing your filters more often than the standard three months is a good idea, considering how dusty the Panhandle gets.

Don't leave your pets out in this weather, and you may want a new filter every month because of the dander and extra hair.

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