Proposed Changes to Drought Contingency Plan

City officials hosted a public hearing today to propose some changes to the Drought Contingency Plan.

Director of utilities for the city says the changes are minor, but very important. 

The changes would be made to all five stages of the Drought Contingency Plan.

The changes look like this.

Stage 1 will change from 80%-70% of the 105.4 million gallons per day.
Stage 2 will change from 85%-80%
Stage 3 will change from 90%-85% 
Stage 4 will change from 95%-90%
Stage 5 will change from 100%-95%

Officials say water conservation is the most important thing we can do for economic develoment, and the city council will do anything possible to protect it.

Mayor Paul Harpole tells us we need to have the best contingency plan in place so that we're prepared for a failure in the system and high demand.

There aren't any fines in stage 1 of the plan, but Mayor Harpole says just making the public aware worked in 2011.. during the worst part of this drought and he expects it to do the same, this year.

Mayor Harpole says, "we dropped 9-10 million gallons of  usage just from asking people to be careful and be conservative about their water use.  And I think it's on more peoples' minds today .  All you have to do is look outside to see what kind of conditions we're in today. "

If we do get to stage 2 people face a fine up to $500. 

Officials tell us 50% of the water used in our area is for landscaping.

With summer right around the corner, Mayor Harpole wants to remind people to save now or pay later.

Next week there will be another public hearing, and following that, officials will vote.

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