Proposed Changes at the Amarillo Animal Control Board

AMARILLO -- Mandatory spay or neutering and pet registrations.

Those are some of the changes the Animal Control Board is looking into.

The changes are meant to help cut down on the pet population in Amarillo.

It was the controversy over euthanasia practices at Animal Control that first raised awareness about the growing pet population.

The city puts-down between 9-and-10 thousand animals each year. 

The city recently took part in the national "Just One Day" event.

That meant the shelter did not euthanize any animals that day, they also had price-reduced adoptions and micro-chipping.

The shelter adopted-out 40-animals that day.

But, they impounded 62. So, even with the added emphasis on adoptions. There was a net gain of 22-animals that could potentially be put down.

At their regular meeting today, Animal Control board members were given an update on the shelter's progress.

Interim Director Scott McDonald says even though more awareness has come from the recent controversy they're still putting down a lot of animals.

The board is now considering a variety of ways to help pet owners become more responsible.
SunnyHodge-Campbell says any news rules they come up with would have to be approved by the city council.

Mandatory micro-chipping is the one issue they will look at seriously at their next meeting in august.

The board is expected to craft language for such an ordinance.

Micro-chipping animals would give animal control officers in the field a chance to find the owners without ever bringing the animal to the shelter.

300-animals were micro-chipped last week during the "Just One Day" event.

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