Prices Up at the Pump During Spring Break


The price at the pump is going up.

Nationally, gas prices have risen about ten cents in the past two weeks. The national average price sits at $3.51, according to the Lundberg Survey. In Amarillo, the average price is $3.26,  and here on the High Plains, consumers are noticing.

"Oh yeah. I've noticed I'll drive across town just to get gas," Cristal Brashears said of seeking out the lowest prices. 

"Yes ma'am. I'm glad I've got a small car," Wanda Stone said, as she filled up Friday. 

Travelers in particular are seeing the hike. James Schull and his family were on their way from New Mexico back to DFW after vacation.

"They're actually higher in New Mexico where we came from. So we're glad to get back to Texas. You just have to be more conscious and kind of save for it," Schull said. 

So why the increase?

"There are so many variables in this industry," Wayne Hughes, PPROA Executive Vice President said. 

One of those variables may be unrest in Ukraine, affecting ethanol. The country is a corn exporter.

According to Hughes, this time of year the Environmental Protection Agency requires some cities to switch to summer blends of gasoline.

"The switch over to summer blends is typically March first. When that happens, that means that barrel of crude oil is being torn apart in different ways, is being refined in different ways. That impacts the price as well," Hughes said.

Impacting the price at the pump, as many families need to fill up this spring break season.

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