Preparing for El Nino

There's a 70 to 80 percent chance for El Nino here on the high plains.

The amount of rain El Nino might bring could really help out our current drought situation in our area.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Nicholas Fenner says "That typically means for residents of the panhandle, better chances for above normal precipitation headed from the late fall through spring time periods. So no guarantees on it but much better chances."

Though there have been dry spells this summer, periodic heavy rains and increased humidity have kept the extremely hot and dry weather from setting in like the past few summers.

KAMR NBC 4 Chief Meteorologist John Harris says "Well typically an el nino gives us more moisture. It is a temporary climate change that occurs during the fall months and then peaks during the winter months and then winds down as we come into our traditional severe weather season."

The short period of rain we've already received has benefitted farming and ranching operations across the panhandle...and with El Nino, it's likely to continue.

Harris says "I mean anytime you can supply moisture to crops that's good whether it's wheat, cotton, peanuts or whatever they're growing. So again, I think the farmers and the ranchers will be very happy with the fact that we have an el nino headed our way because it means substantially more moisture could fall."

The chance for an increased amount of precipitation could bring some heavier snow falls this winter.  While some meteorologists are saying more moisture is expected on the high plains, that does not mean it's guaranteed.

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