Potter County Sheriffs Office Warning About Recent Phone Scam

AMARILLO -- The Potter County Sheriffs Office and the Amarillo Police Department are warning about a recent phone scam. 

The caller is calling from a 806-200 number is stating that the person called has a warrant that is going to be issued due to failure to appear for Grand Jury. 

They are being told that if they do not go to the court house to pay the fine by 5 p.m. a warrant will be issued. The caller then states to fix the problem that they must get a money card for an amount of $485.19 for the court cost and $468.00 for the Fail to Appear (FTA).

The caller states he is with the Sheriffs Office and gives the name of Deputy Ryan or Bryan Miller, or Lt. Carl Jones. The callers are reaching citizens by phone and have even left messages on answering machines. We have no one working at the Sheriffs Office under either name.

They suggests getting a Green Dot Money Pack. Once you have gotten this card then something comes up and the caller will then make an excuse that they can no longer meet you at the specific time but he will meet you later but in the mean time they ask for you to give the activation/transaction code number on the card. Once this is done they have access to that card and they have gotten your money.

Please be aware of this scam and if you have any questions feel free to contact the Potter County Sheriffs Office at 379-2900.

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