Potter Commission Approves Reappraisals

AMARILLO - It's an amount small enough that it won't hurt the county and it may not be a huge difference for homeowners, but the Potter County Commissioners Court is hoping it will help.

"Anything that would help the people out here, I'm all for that," said Joy Tindall, who lives in Potter County. Her home was saved but she knows of others who lost everything. Tindall says that her community could really use any help available.

"What the impact of that is going to be, I don't know. It may not be very much really, but you know, every little bit helps," said Assistant Potter County attorney David Kent. "There's a provision in the tax code that says that after a natural disaster the commissioners court has the authority to ask for the property that was damaged by the disaster to be reappraised."

Potter County Commissioners approved the reappraisal Monday, a move that will save property owners some money on taxes. So in 2011 owners will pay a mix of the full values of their property, up until February 27th, when the 61,000 acre fire burned and what it's worth now.

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