Potter Co. Judge's Race Getting Dirty

- AMARILLO -- We're less than two weeks away from the March primaries and one race in particular is getting ugly.

        The five person race for Potter county judge has been filled with accusations and innuendo.

        Three candidates in particular are being hounded by accusations of malfeasance.

        Nancy Tanner, Debra McCartt and Bill Bandy.

        Bandy is under attack for paying his property taxes late.
        McCartt came under fire for accepting a donation and endorsement from current judge Arthur Ware.

        Nancy Tanner has been attacked for filing for bankruptcy, which is true, but the latest accusations include having an election judge on her campaign and the false rumor that she cannot be bonded.

        "That's not the way I would do it.  If the polls were out and endorsements came out and I was behind, I would just work harder.  I wouldn't start slinging mud.  That's not how I play.  I just sincerely wish everyone would play the way i'm playing."  Tanner said.

        Nothing has come out about the other two candidates.  William Sumerford and Jeff Poindexter.

        McCartt, a veteran of politics, likens running for office with having a baby.  She says after awhile you forget how painful it was until you do it again.

        Early voting continues through Friday February 28th.

        Election day is Tuesday March Fourth.

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