Potter Co. Judge Republican Primary

- AMARILLO -- One of the most watched races in the panhandle this election day is the crowded Republican primary for Potter county judge.

Nancy Tanner won the election with 50.49% of the vote.

The field includes former Amarillo Mayor Debra McCartt; Former assistant to Judge Ware, Nancy Tanner; Amarillo businessman Bill Bandy; long time activist William Sumerford; and perennial candidate Jeff Poindexter.

This race was heated before it began.

Tanner was fired by judge Ware last summer after 20 years as his assistant.  The firing came after Tanner had sent out a questionnaire asking voters if she should run for the position if Ware decided not to seek re-election.

McCartt announced her intention to run shortly after Tanner.  McCartt even had the endorsement of Ware until it was learned judges in Texas cannot endorse another political candidate.

Sumerford has run for office unsuccessfully in the past, but knows how to mobilize voters.  He was the last person to successfully petition the city for a change in city ordinance.  He was part of the group to have senior citizens property taxes frozen.

Poindexter is no stranger to running a political campaign.  He has run for Amarillo mayor twice.  City commission five times.  Potter county commission once and now for Potter county judge.

Most experts believe the crowded field will lead to a runoff. 

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