Police Continue to Investigate 2002 Murder

Waldemar Kossakowski's Murder Remains Unsolved

AMARILLO - A man is found dead in a downtown alley and police are still trying to find his killer.

In August of 2002, Waldemar Kossakowski was found beaten to death in an alley on the 800 block of South Van Buren.

"He was known to be living out on the streets in downtown Amarillo for several years  and really there is not a lot of witnesses that Special Crimes was able to find to talk to at the time, obviously we weren't able to find a suspect," said Lt. Erick Bohannon with the Special Crimes Unit.

Police say Kossakowski was a transient who was known to stay in the downtown area.

Bohannon says they fear the killer could have also been a transient who left the area.

"There were some developments that occurred about five to six years ago in the case but none of those have proven to yield who our suspect is," added Bohannon.

There were few witnesses in the area but Bohannon says they did have a person tell police they heard two men fighting.

Police did find what they believe is the murder weapon at the scene.

"It's a pretty good indication that what the detectives found near the scene was most likely used to assault Mr. Kossakowski," said Bohannon.

If you know anything about the crime, Special Crimes wants you to come forward.

You can remain anonymous.

"If someone thinks they may know something that relates to the case, we certainly do want them to call and even if that doesn't that's okay, at least we are doing our diligence trying to solve these homicides," said Bohannon.

If you have any information on Kossakowski's murder, call the Special Crimes Unit.

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