Pittsburgh School Stabbing

At least 19 students and a school resource officer were injured in a high school stabbing in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

About 15 minutes after doors opened at this high school in Murrysville, Pennsylvania just outside of Pittsburgh, a student went on a stabbing rampage.

Officials say those who were stabbed were in classrooms and in a hallway.

These were significant injuries. The patients are being appropriately managed. There are additional patients who are having CT scans and x-rays performed. It may be that additional patients will require operative care throughout the day.

All of the injuries to the 14 to 17-year-olds are serious and a few are considered life threatening.

Authorities say the stabber is in custody. They say he is a male sophomore student but would not give any other identifying information.

Police believe he acted alone.

This school has been searched twice for any additional and some of the students in the area were immediately questioned to see if there was more than one actor involved and currently we are reporting only one actor.

So far there is no indication of the motive.

All the other students at the high school have been released to their parents.

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