Pickleball: A Sport to Relish In

Stephanie Royo says, "Pickle addicts."

Reta Nussbaum says, "Texas trouble when we go to Arizona."

Reta and Stephanie met just over a year ago playing one of the fastest growing sports in America -- pickleball. Reta and her husband, Jim, first found the game in Arizona.

Jim Nussbaum says, "We came back about three years ago and got a game going here."

The multi-generational game was named after the inventor, Joel Pritchard's dog, but others say his wife named the sport because it reminded her of the pickle boat in rowing--- the boat that holds a mixed crew.

Kayla Zadel says, "Pickleball was invented almost fifty years ago -- a combination of tennis, ping pong and badmitten. It's played with a wiffleball and a paddle."

The rules are similar to tennis.

Jim says, "You serve across court. You only score points when you're serving. The serving team scores the points. After the serve, it has to bounce on the other side of the court, and when they return it, that ball has to bounce before you can return it after that you can start taking the ball out of the air."

Pickleball's played on a surface 1/3 of a tennis court.

Jim says, "It's a really good game for seniors and the court in smaller than a tennis court and there's not as much running as you have in tennis, and it's also a game where the grandfather can compete with his grandson."

Reta says, "I think it's great exercise. I'm not one to go to the gym."

Stephanie says, "It's easy on old people's knees."

The game's low impact and easy on the joints --plus there's not as much running.

Jim says, "Here you're getting exercise and having fun at the same time."

Scott Nixon says, "Love the sport the first time I played it. It's good competition to come out and play."

Another bonus-- pickleball's inexpensive. All you need is a pair of tennis shoes.

Reta says, "We meet so many people playing pickleball. There's not really much in Amarillo for the adult community. We just want more people to join"

The group of pickleball players meet at Trinity Baptist Church Mondays and Thursdays from 3 to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 to 11 a.m. For more information on the sport and the group visit the U.S.A. Pickleball Association

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