Phone Problems in Clarendon

- CLARENDON -- If you're having trouble calling anyone in Clarendon, keep trying.

     City officials say they're having problems with their phones and sometimes the service is sporadic.

     For the last couple of months some phone calls within the city have either not connected or cut-out during the call.

     City secretary Machiel Covey says it's been happening to both land lines and cell phones since they had some fiber optic work done on the internet.

     "It might not have anything to do with each other.  I really don't know.  We're not really even aware of it until people say I've been trying to call all day, noboby's answering.  We can call out, but whenever you try to reach someone it'll say these lines are unavailable at this time."  Covey said.

    Covey says they're living with the problem for now but, anytime the phones go out, they'll contact the sheriff and local radio stations to get the word out that phones again are not working.

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