Petition for Alcohol Sales in Canyon

If you're a registered voter in Canyon, you may be getting a knock on your door, asking for a signature.

Six college students from WT and Texas A & M hit the streets, with a goal to allow alcohol sales in Canyon.

Committee member Bryan Poff says, "we need a thousand signatures to put it on the ballot in November so people can vote on beer and wine off premise in Canyon and restaurant mixed beverages"

And with only 60 days to get them, he says they're right on track.

He tells us, "in earnest we've only been doing it for about two weeks.  We're over half way there.  So by the time we are done, we'll have gathered probably close to 1,200 signatures in less than two weeks."

Committee Member Stephanie Wilhite says, "as a mother of five my main concern is public safety.  If this passes, that beer and wine could be sold, then I think it will keep the roads safer for everyone."

She says more than 400 towns in the lone star state have voted for beer and wine sales and she says research shows crime rates have not increased.

We asked a former WT professor and committee member about the possible economic impact it could have on the town.

Winston Stahlecker says, "Perryman, who is a well known economist throughout the state has indicated that we'd probably experience over ten million dollars in additional sales.  "

He tells us of that, about 240,000 would go directly to the city in sales tax

But whether it passes or not...

Poff says, "Canyon is going to be the same town after this election as it was before the elction.  It's just people are going to buy it at a local store as opposed to buying it in Amarillo."

In addition to going door to door, they are also gathering signatures at both Pak a Saks, Feldman's Diner, Mark's Chevron, and also at West Texas Western Store.

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