Parks and Recreation Focuses On Elderly Community


AMARILLO -- For Amarillo residents like JoAnn Robinson , 'Senior Socials' are the perfect way to spend a morning.

"I get kind of bored just sitting in a room," Robinson said. 

Robinson is just one of a number of seniors who live in retirement communities near Ellwood Park, where the Senior Social takes place.

It's a space the Amarillo Parks and Recreation Department has transformed into a spot where seniors can get out and get active.

"I come over here just every day weather permitting and walk around, and I get on the exercise machine over here and do my legs," Robinson said. 

The Senior Socials happen once a month from May through September.

It's an initiave Parks and Recreation started last summer, as another way to reach out to the elderly population.

"We get to just enjoy this newly renovated area out here, which is Ellwood Park, which is kind of our senior park now. There's a new little senior fitness area over here, and so we'll show them, the seniors kind of... how to use the equipment if we need to and we have games, we play bingo that kind of thing," Rachel Cuningham, with Amarillo Parks and Recreation said. 

Cunningham says, the local senior community loves to be social.

"We have anywhere from 30-45 people that come out here and you know, come over in their walkers or just walk over, in their wheelchairs, whatever. They get here and they have a good time," Cunningham said.  

Area seniors having a good time, in a place the Parks and Recreation Department designed just for them.

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