Panhandle Residents Pitch In For Sanford-Fritch Prom

- Brown's Flowers is usually busy at prom, but this year the corsages and boutonnieres have special meaning.

"They're devastated. You know, they've lost everything. You know, their homes are burned to the ground. When you have nothing, how do you pay for...every kid deserves to go to prom," Sharon Hiett, with Brown's Flowers said.

The shop will provide flowers for kids headed to the Sanford-Fritch prom this weekend, and Hiett says the phone has been ringing off the hook.

"It's just one story after another, it just breaks your heart."

J&E Wholesale Floral Company is Amarillo has donated flowers to Brown's Flowers to help out.

At Sanford-Fritch High School, Norma Carrasco has been helping kids get ready for prom. The school has received lots of donated dresses from people around the Panhandle.

"You know we've had girls come in all morning, trying stuff on, and it's just been such a positive thing to have that," Carrasco said.

According to Carrasco, surrounding school districts and the Gruver Bank have donated money to help out as well. Carrasco will take a group of girls to Amarillo to purchase dresses, shoes and jewelry.

But prom is about much more than sparkly gowns and tuxedos this year.

"As a unit, I think it's just important for them to get together. And try to pull each other through this," Carrasco said.

Pull each other through a tough week, with a night of fun, at prom.

If your child needs flowers for prom, please call Brown's Flowers at 857-0014 or 273-7556 between the hours of 9 and 5, by Thursday.

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