Panhandle Groups Talk About Water Conservation


Saving today for water tomorrow. That was the big idea at today's water symposium.

"Everybody's gotta do their part," C.E. Williams, Director of the Panhandle Groundwater District said.

Several hundred people attended, including legislators, city officials, farmers,and water conservation groups, to talk about saving H2O.

"This actually started two years ago in an effort to address water conservation after the 2011 drought, which was the worst drought in history. And so we decided that in our district, we needed to get as many experts as we could together to look at water conservation issues both political and practical.," Williams said. 

For farmers' at the symposium, it's about new techniques to save water.

"We can show our producers that we can make this water last for future generations. We call that our 200/12. We're trying to grow 200 bushel of corn on 12 inches of irrigation," Daniel Krienke, a Perryton Farmer said.

As for cities, they're looking to aquire more water rights, but also making an appeal to citizens.

"When I speak of water for the future, I'm speaking of water sources. Water rights that we've not yet developed and so on. The city's done a great job with planning for the future. We could probably do better, the City of Amarillo, including the populus of Amarillo could do better on the conservation side. The water will last longer if we conserve it," Emmett Autrey, with the City of Amarillo said. 

Conserve it, for future generations on the High Plains.

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