Pampa Storm Damage Clean Up

Many Pampa residents were without power after the June 22 storm, but the damage doesn't stop at the power lines.

The strong winds left a mark all over the town.

Director of Public Works for Pampa Donny Hooper says, "we gave trees that were down, some trees into houses."

He tells us the past 24 hours have been a rough one for many residents in Pampa.

After last night's storm, more than 1,000 residents were without power.

He tells us workers have been going nonstop since 11:00 last night, working as fast as possible to pick up and begin the rebuilding process.

As far as the community's response, Hooper says residents are working together, and getting stuff done.

Mary Lou Chambers says, "ya, there's a lot of them that are coming over and cutting trees down and loading them up and taking them away.  There doing a really good job with that."

"I think the communities in the panhandle, not just in Pampa, but in the panhandle, they know how to be ready, to have supplies and things ready to go in the event of a storm.  And I think people in the Texas Panhandle are just the best at doing that," says Hooper

Xcel had a dozen crews working to try and get everyone back in the light by the end of the day.

The city tells us they also have a plan.

Hooper says, "we have a debris plan that's in place.  We put that into affect last night.  Crews know what to do. Our first push, we go clear stuff off the main thoroughfares and make it so the roads are passable, so emergency vehicles can get through there.  Then we come back the following day, which we started this morning and we started picking up all the hazardous material.

He tells us the city will allow people to dump debris and other items into the landfill free of charge.

He also says no businesses had to be closed because of the damage, but a couple couldn't open because they had no power.

As of 8:30 tonight, 237 people in Pampa are still without power.

Xcel tells us if needed, they'll be bringing in fresh crews at midnight to work around the clock until everyone's power is restored.

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