Pampa Couple Finds Wedding Dress on the Side of I-40, Returns it to Newelyweds

PAMPA - There are over 200 miles of highway between Channing, Oklahoma and Groom, Texas.
Meaning it's a bad place to lose something you want to hold on to forever, like your wedding dress.
Merissa McNeal says, "We had a lot, the truck was completely full. The bed was the only place it could go. It's the only thing we lost."
After it was lost on the side of the highway that's when Merissa's mother-in-law got an idea.
McNeal says, "She wanted to put a post on Facebook just as a long shot to see what would happen and..."
The idea worked as the post ended up being shared more than 1,000 times. Eventually finding it's way to the pampa buy, sell and trade page where Richard Hawthorne and his wife Dotty saw the listing.
They knew they would be traveling via I-40 to Oklahoma City, so they decided to make a game out of it.
"Every time we would see a box or piece of trash we would say, 'Oh, was that it?' I had kind of given up on looking and we were talking about something when just out of the blue my wife said, 'There it is!' I remember it was at mile marker 120. Yeah, it was better looking at license plates and the alphabet or whatever game that is."
They returned it safely to Merissa's mother-in-law in Oklahoma City, and McNeal says it just shows the kind nature of people from the high plains.
"We live in California now," says McNeal. "It's kind of hard to imagine somebody here going through all of that trouble. But, we grew up in Oklahoma and it's kind of what your used to, you know?"

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