Palace Coffee Named Top 10

A Canyon coffee shop.. gets national recognition, yet again.

Palace Coffee is topping the charts for the best coffee in the US.

"Everyone is talking about how this place is so hipster, and you know what, hipster is the coolest thing to be right now.  "

She isn't the only who had a lot to say about Palace Coffee in Canyon.

USA Today named the shop as one of the top ten best coffeehouses in the country.

Palace Coffee's Robert Reagan says, "it really comes down to our customer service and how we treat our customers and our atmosphere.  I mean, we serve awesome coffee. People feel at home here.  They feel welcomed."

This past summer Palace placed second in the America's Best Coffee House Competition.

So how did the small town coffee shop get in the running for the country's best.

Reagan tells us the man who wrote the article in USA Today collaborated with people who ran the best coffee house competition.

He says, "they just asked him which coffee shop stood out to you.  Which ones did you see that really performed well and kind of represented what you wanted this competition to be about."

Sure enough, Palace was one of them.

Then came some judges, in disguise.

Reagan tells us, "they checked for cleanliness, quality of drink, friendliness of the barista, how the customer service interaction was."

All of which they were pleased with.

Reagan says the great staff, good people and hard work is what got the shop to top ten, and they're excited to see what the future holds for Palace Coffee.

We asked a shop goer how she thinks the coffee tastes.

"Awesome, I've got a cup right now.  It's pretty good."

Reagan says, "you have to have customers coming through the doors to stay open.  It's really the loyalty of the customer basis  here in canyon and Amarillo.  It's really awesome." 

Speaking of those Amarillo customers, Palace Coffee will be opening up a shop right here in downtown Amarillo.

Reagan tells us they're expecting the new shop to be opening it's doors by May 1.

Palace Coffee Company opened July 1, 2011.

USA Today says the town square shop has mixed the feel of a small-town America with the more contemporary style of a big-city coffeehouse.

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