Overnight Severe Storms Rare but Dangerous


AMARILLO -- Last night's storm left us with plenty of rain and for some a sleepless night.

Here is a breakdown of what happened. A storm hit west of Bushland just after midnight and hit the city limits about 12:30.

At one point, Bushland reportedly had baseball-sized hail.

The sirens went off in Southwest Amarillo just after one. And eventually all over town.

In Amarillo, we reportedly got up to golf ball sized hail.

The Emergency Operations Center says there does not appear to be widespread damage around Amarillo.

Overnight storms are not exactly rare but, they normally don't get that severe.

Many people slept through it, unaware there was any danger at all.

Some slept through it; others got phone calls.

And that's why overnight severe storms can be so dangerous. The simple fact is that so many people were unaware of the severity.

Flash flooding, hail and straight-line winds were all a part of last night's storm.

Chief Meteorologist John Harris said there was a chance this could happen but by the time the storms formed, it was already past most people's bed times.

Most everyone we spoke with today said that they found out about the storms at some point but very few were overly concerned.

Both women say they have lived here long enough that severe weather does not really frighten them but they do take precautions.

John of course was on the air to warn people of the impending threat. While he can warn you, waking you up is another story.

One woman we spoke with sleeps with earplugs and a humidifier. She found out about the storms this morning.

There are many ways to get weather alerts while you are sleeping.

Our KAMR NBC 4 alerts were working and woke people up in the affected counties.

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