Organizers Set Deadline To Wrap Up Tex Randall Fundraising

- CANYON - Tex Randall has been watching people drive in and out of Canyon for more than 50 years.

"You know, this is something that means something to people," Keith Brown, Steering Committee Chairman for Tex Randall Fundraising said.     

This big icon needs some big repairs.

"We've had good support. But it's a big project," Brown said.

A grant from TxDOT will provide $275,000 towards the renovations of Tex Randall.

Canyon Main Street has raised $94,000, but the whole project will take about half a million, and Brown says they want to have it all raised by the end of this year.

That's why they're holding a big poker run and party on June 21st, right at Tex Randall's feet.

"It's going to be at the Tex Randall site so you know, get some enthusiasm generated around the site and kind of publicly, I guess re-kick off the campaign, let the public know that we're really trying to focus in the next six months on wrapping this project up," Brown said.    

As for people in Canyon, Tex Randall is a whole lot more than metal and concrete.

"He's all Canyon. I mean, that's what Canyon is about," Kay Slagh, a Canyon resident said.

"I can remember seeing it as a little girl every time we would drive by, and now, I have a son and that's what he's grown up with," Leslie Martin, another Canyon resident said.

Generations of people have grown up with this Canyon cowboy, and many of those people are hoping he'll keep guiding them home.

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