Opting Out of STAAR Testing

Thousands of students all across the state are trying to opt out of STAAR testing.

That includes some in our area, but there's just one problem.

Officials from the Texas Education Agency say it's illegal for students who are physically able to not take the state's mandated test.

"These children need their voice, and they need it heard loud and clear. This is not ok. "

During the past several years, very few parents have come forward trying to get their child exempt from taking the STAAR test.

But the Texas Education Agency says this year is different.

Lauren Callahan says, "the Texas Education Code is very clear.  The parents are not allowed to opt their child out of a test, or from a school activity to avoid a test or prevent a child from taking a subject for an entire semester."

Loomis says anxiety, panic and too much stress are only a few of the reasons parents are asking for the option for their kids to not have to take it.

She says the prep for the test is too much for not only her 11 year old daughter, but all the students.

She tells us, "they are pushing pushing pushing pushing. sending 2-3 hours worth of STAAR testing homework every night.  Over spring break my daughter had 7 packets of math that she was suppose to complete on her own."

Loomis says a students academic future should not be determined by standardized testing.

"I'm not saying to end all the testing.  We just need to make it where it's not a pass or fail.  It's a this is how we need to improve, this is what this child has learned.. and the teachers can go back to cultivated learning techniques."

Loomis tells us she met with officials at her daughter's school, and they told her if her child refuses to take the test, she will not pass the 5th grade.

But if she takes the STAAR test and fails, she will pass.

If you can remember, we told you about parents of a 4th grader in Waco.

They were also wanting to opt their son out of standardized testing.

They are both educators.

The Waco School District is going to allow their son to stay in a non-testing area.

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