#OnlineToday - "Battle of the Queens"

Bug in Ear

Talk about a nightmare, imagine waking up to the sound of a cockroach moving around in your ear!!

That's exactly what happened to a Florida woman who says it felt like there was an ice chip in her ear.

Katie Holley says she went into "meltdown" mode as her husband used tweezers to try and pull the bug out. 

The couple eventually decided to drive to the emergency room at 2 a.m. where doctors removed bug parts.

Holley says she thought the doctors had pulled all of the bug out, in pieces. 

But it turns out - the ordeal wasn't over. 

The funny feeling in her ear lasted nine more days before Holley went back to the doctor to have the rest of the dead bug removed. 

Battle of the Queens

Thousands of people came out in Switzerland to watch the "Battle of the Queens," a traditional cow-fighting competition. 

More than 100 cows were brought to the competition, set in the scenic Swiss Alps.

The battle is based on the instinctive behavior of this breed of cow.

Herens Cows fight each other each spring, on their way to the mountain pastures, in order to choose a new leader of the herd. 

The winner of the competition is crowned queen giving bragging rights to her breeder for the year ahead.

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