"On the Lot" Winner Teams Up with Local Couple to Make Short Film

"We had it in our thoughts that we were supposed to make a movie on marriages, and so we contacted Will to see if he would be up for that," explains Seasons' Executive Producer, Connie Sublett. 

"When we were first writing the project we didn't know what we wanted it to be, and we had a lot of different ideas. They wanted to speak to all different married couples," Will Bigham, director of Seasons, says. 

Canyon native, Will Bigham, has been working and living in Los Angeles for the past eight years. His career has been a successful one. From winning the reality competition, On the Lot, which landed him a job with Dreamworks, to recently completing the short film, Seasons.
"Seasons is about four different seasons of marriage: the newly wed, the season where you're so busy with kids and careers, empty nest and you're career satisfied and settled in and the winter years," says Connie. 

Connie and Jerry Sublett, owners of The Refuge, a non-profit ministry that specializes in counseling and marriage retreats for struggling couples are  the executive directors of the film. They wanted to share their beliefs and that every married couple faces struggles. 

"The film itself gives no answers. It only creates the situation that hopefully couples can relate to and say ya that's the problems we're having," Jerry says. 

"It was a neat experience and for me as a film maker it was great because I got to tell four different stories and tell four different styles in a week. There are four different styles going on at one time," Will says. 

"We brainstormed a couple ideas and we had a couple scripts we went through, but in the end we chose to do four short films that kind of worked together in a way," explains Catherine Gray, producer of the film. 

Will's wife, Catherine Gray, says it was the first big project they worked on together.  

"Will had a lot of fun because each season had an artistic model, so he got to use several different ways of filming and creating, and we gave him that option and we had the story line and the purpose and the vision," explains Connie. 

Seaons has been invited to three different film festivals.

"A couple of months ago we were at the Burbank Festival with one of the shorts. The GI Film Festival- one of the stories is about a couple who was away in Afaghanistan and when he came back he didn't know how to speak to his wife," Will says.

"One of the films went to the Women's International Festival which was great because that's a festival for women producers, writers, directors and we submitted that there because I was a producer and a writer on it," explains Cat.

The film, Seasons, is available for purchase on Amazon or can be rented on Olive Tree Pictures on Roku.

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