Keeping Cool: Firefighters Chill Out

(KFOR)  Oklahoma's Logan County wildfire is taking a toll on firefighters.

More than 100 firefighters have been re-hydrated or treated for smoke inhalation.

Now Emergency Medical Services Authority paramedics are trying out a brand new tool to help those men and women fighting the fire.

It looks like a normal lawn chair, but the Kore Kooler is the latest gadget to rehab our firefighters.

A plastic bag full of water sits on both arms of the chair and the firefighters simply sit down and immerse their hands and forearms.

"It uses your forearms where there's lots of blood vessels that are close to the surface. So when you immerse your forearms, it helps to cool that and then the cool blood goes toward your heart and helps to cool the body down," explains paramedic Richelle Treece.

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