Dog Who Stayed With Dead Owner Gets New Home In Oklahoma

A dog who refused to abandon his owner even in death now has a new home.

The bull terrier known as "Little Man" is back with his master's family.

The dog was found guarding his owner's body after the man apparently had a heart attack while they were out for a walk.

Ronnie Ward and his bull terrier Little Man were partners right to the end.

They went everywhere together. There's not one time my dad left that he wasn't with him.

Police say little man led them to Ronnie Ward's body along the Canadian River last week.

The bull terrier never leaving his owner's side despite the intense heat.

Ward's daughter Quannah Flowers says her father was known to go for walks along the river with his best friend.

"I think his heart just stopped.  We're not sure how long he was deceased before they found him."

Flowers is glad her father wasn't alone in his final moments.

Just this table. He set at it a lot.

Tonight flowers is salvaging mementos from her father's Midwest city home.

But her most prized possession is Little Man, who she claimed from the animal shelter. He'll now join his master's daughter in Kingston and hopefully help the family heal.

It proves right there how loyal he was and that he never left him.

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