Oil Spill Halts Fishing

(KPRC)  Boyd's Bait, Tackle and Fish shop is one of several bait stores in Texas City that lead to the Texas City Dike, but because of the oil spill, fishermen like Richard White can't cast for the fish they love -- the flounder, the redfish and the speckled trout.

"Fishing the dike is one of the best places to fish around here," said White. "So, not having the dike right now in the springtime is not a good thing."

It's not a good thing for the bait store either. On a normal day employees say they get about 1,500 or customers buying bait.

But Monday-- with no fishing allowed -- the bait customers they see on a normal day are nowhere to be found.

"For bait? I've had probably five people come in for bait today," said clerk McKenzi McLane.

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