Obama Fights Climate Change

(NBC News) Before he got the mixed analysis of his minimum wage proposal, President Obama rolled out new mileage standards for trucks that he says will speed the recovery, and slow climate change.

Truck fuel cut in half by 2025, like his car standard would.

"You gotta fill up every 2 weeks instead of every week and that saves a typical family over 8000 dollars at the pump - over time," said President Obama.

A new poll finds jobs are America's biggest concern.

And with the proposal to raise the minimum wage could cost some jobs.

A hike from 7.25 to 10.10, said the non-partisan congressional budget office, would mean a half a million fewer workers by 2016 even though 16 and a half million would get more pay.

The jobless rate was near ten percent in February '09, when President Obama signed the stimulus bill.  

President Obama says long term U.S. working families still need help.

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