New Texas Enrollment Trends

AMARILLO -- Enrollment has changed in school districts in and around Amarillo. 

The Texas Education Agency released a new report that tracks changes in schools in the past two years.

About 600 new students enrolled in schools in Region 16 last year while Region 17 saw about 1500 more.

The number of enrolled students surpassed 5 million in Texas from the 2011-2012 school year to the 2012-2013 year.

Enrollment for both Region 16 and Region 17 grew during that time period.

One of the biggest numbers from the report was the change in Economically Disadvantaged students over the last ten years, students who need free or reduced-price meals.

That increase was 28% for Region 16, while Region 17 saw a 16% increase.

Additionally, the report found that in Region 16 there were more Hispanic students enrolled than White students, while that has been the case for Region 17 for several years.

You can access the full report here.

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