New Signal Head at Western Street and Hillside Road/SW 58th


AMARILLO --  The City of Amarillo is introducing the first traffic signal with a Flashing Yellow Arrow on Western Street at Hillside Road/SW 58th Avenue this week.  They will begin installation Thursday at 9 a.m. and finish by noon.

This new signal head arrangement is the result of a Federal Highway Administration 10-year national study that concluded that flashing yellow left turn arrows prevent crashes and move more traffic through intersections. A nationwide standard, these new signals will ultimately be required at all intersections where there is a separate left-turn arrow.

Flashing yellow arrows for left turns will be phased in over time in Amarillo with normal maintenance and new roadway construction. 

Some of the benefits of the signal:

Keeps traffic moving. Flashing yellow arrows reduce driver delay and wait time by as much as 28 percent over protected only phasing. These signals provide drivers more left-turn opportunities than traditional protected only left-turn signals. This reduces wait times and keeps traffic moving.

Safer turning conditions. Green means go, and many times motorists fail to yield to oncoming traffic when turning left. The flashing yellow arrow provides a more direct message and reduces driver confusion.

Environmentally friendly. Improved traffic flow with flashing yellow arrows reduces fuel consumption by 10 percent and vehicle emissions by 22 percent.

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