Women Help Cash Strapped Soldiers

(KOB) A New Mexico Army Reserve Company has just returned from active duty combat training in Wisconsin.

But now, more than two dozen of those soldiers are in a battle to get a paycheck owed to them by the Army.

Some of those soldiers reached out to our 4 On Your Side team.

The unit's commander assures KOB, every one of the affected soldiers will get paid next week. But that may be too late, especially for those with a family.

"We're barely... scratching is not even the word anymore. We're crawling," said one soldier.

He will remain faceless out of fear of retaliation.

He is a father, a husband and a soldier who is trying to make ends meet.

"My son will be out of diapers today, my rent will be due," he said. "Nobody's going to be paying my late fees. My two cell phones are out. I have very, very small amounts of food in my fridge, what can I say?"

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