New Mexico's Old Bones

(KOB)  You've heard it before. New Mexico's unofficial nickname, "The Land of Entrapment."

Well, that wasn't always the case for our link to the past - genuine New Mexico fossils.   

We kept on shipping them away until we built the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in 1986.

"There's a famous quote with somebody saying, why do we need a natural history museum? We've already found the fossils in the state; they took them all to the Smithsonian. Well, that's not true," Charlie Walter of the New Mexico Land Office said.

From now on, they stay right here. So, you can see what was stomping around your neighborhood back in the good old days, and we have everything from ancient amphibians from Socorro County, dinosaurs from Union County, to a prehistoric camel jaw found in Rio Arriba County.

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