Eastern New Mexico Rural Water System to receive $4M from State Water Project Fund

CLOVIS -- $4M from the state Water Project Fund is scheduled to become available for the Eastern New Mexico Rural Water System (ENMRWS) in March. Currently, design is underway for the next phase of construction which is to interconnect member communities and Cannon AFB. The new funds are anticipated to complete the design for the Clovis/Cannon AFB and the Clovis/Portales connections. 

"State support for our project has always been strong and weve been able to make steady progress as a result. Our state audit was just approved with no findings, as all of our previous state audits have been, which shows that we have been good stewards. I am pleased that we will be able to move forward with this next important step and begin building up our water portfolio to protect our future and to keep the Base here," said former Clovis Mayor Gayla Brumfield, Chairwoman of the Eastern NM Water Utility Authority (ENMWUA) which oversees the project.
"Even though we've reduced our demand through aggressive water conservation measures and wastewater reuse, our well fields are still over-stressed and this project is critical to our future. We are all grateful to the Governor, our Legislators, and the Water Trust Board for their continued support," said Mayor Sharon King, Vice-Chairwoman of the Eastern NM Water Utility Authority.

The Water Trust Board (WTB) was created in 2001 to provide funding for urgent water infrastructure projects that meet the needs of regional state and water plans.

ENMRWS is a state sponsored and federally authorized regional water project under construction that will serve Clovis, Portales, Grady, Melrose, Texico, Elida, Cannon AFB, and Curry and Roosevelt Counties 

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