New Hours at Animal Control

When you ask, you shall receive.

That's a fitting motto for Amarillo Animal Control.

Barbara McGregor says, "I know lately we've had more public requests as far as us being open on Saturdays to reclaim animals and for adoption.  So they've decided to go ahead and open up back up on Saturdays."

Mcgregor says another reason they're able to open on Saturdays is because they've hired more people.

April 5 was the first Saturday they have been opened in years.

Until today, Amarillo Animal Control and Amarillo-Panahndle Humane Society were open Monday through Friday 10-7.

Now they're open Saturdays 11-5.

Animal Control opens their doors to pups and cats without a home.

When they get animals, they hold them for three days beffore they can put them up for adoption or put them in foster care.

Mcgregor tells us, "right now we generally deal with field operations, animal intake, people that bring stuff in over the counter also."

She says they work hand in hand with the Human Society, who handle the adoption process.

It may be the first day animal control has been opened over the weekend in awhile, but McGregor says, the move's been positive.

"Whenever we did open today, we did actually have several people waiting to come in, and I am glad to see that, compared to the low numbers were sawseveral years ago.  So I hope people do continue to keep coming out."

McGregor tells us they also work with other organizations such as the Animal Rescue Shelter and the SPCA.

Animal Control also provides public education and awareness programs, after hours emergency services and removal and pick up of deceased animals.

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