New High School Graduation Plan

High school students will now have more of a say when it comes to picking their class schedules.

The TEA has given it's stamp of approval to a new 22 credit plan for high school students.

It's broken down into five separate endorsements.

AISD Director of Guidance and Counseling Tracey Morman says, "it's going to allow those students more flexibility to take courses that are in their field that they enjoy  that they maybe want to pursue post secondary."

The five plans are science, technology, engineering and math, or "stem," business and industry, public services, arts and humanities and multidisciplinary studies.

Parent Tim Marshall says, "I think it will be possible for the kids to actually learn more of their degree plan for instance when they go to college."

He says he's a fan of the new plans.

He tells us he likes that students have more of a choice on the classes they take.

For example, if a student chooses "stem," they might have to take more math and science courses than a student who chooses a different endorsement.

Some parents we spoke with say they can see why the new endorsements might not be such a good idea for some students.

Sunny Ratliff says, "the thing i'm concerned about is sometimes I don't think people really know yet in high school what they want to do. It creates another time when they have to make a decision that might be a premature decision."

Morman says, "we're constantly thinking about what's best for the kids.  What's going to help them be successful beyond high school and what that looks like."

Morman says this years juniors and seniors will not be affected by the new program.

She tells us all current ninth and tenth graders will have a choice on whether they want to choose a specific focus.

All current eighth graders will  have to select one.

These are just a few of the changes the TEA approved.

AISD says they'll meet with students and parents later this month to explain them all before next school year.

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